hydrating foods

During the chilly winters, it the individuals with dry skin who suffer. Their skin loses all the moisture and becomes rough and flaky. But repairing such dry and damaged skin is easily possible by consuming certain food items.

hydrating foods


Fruits mostly contain Vitamin A or Vitamin C which is excellent for nourishing the skin. Vitamin A rich fruits have a lot of water content which helps moisturize and hydrate the skin while Vitamin C rich fruits act as a catalyst to hydration and giving the skin a glowing look.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein and lutein which is responsible for skin nourishment. While protein improves skin quality, lutein is responsible for hydrating the skin and retaining its elasticity thus ensuring a younger looking and flawless skin.


The water content in cucumbers is more than ninety percent. Therefore it is obvious that consuming cucumbers every day as the salad will immediately return all the lost moisture to your dry skin. It is especially very beneficial during winters when the flakiness of the skin cells increase as cucumber helps repair damaged skin by thoroughly moisturizing it internally.

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Avocados are used to make oils which can be applied on dry skin. This is because of the obvious fact that avocados are excellent re-hydrating agents for the skin. Avocados, if consumed regularly or even used as oil, will ensure shiny, blemish free skin which is well hydrated.


Seafood like salmon is excellent for the dermatological health. This is because it contains the essential oils and omega-3 fatty acids which helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Also salmon is a protein rich fish that enhances the beauty of our skin further by maintaining its glow.

Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach is the perfect solution to re-hydrating dry skin as the leaves have high water content. Moreover green vegetables are excellent for skin health as they are rich in skin nourishing nutrients.

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