Lemon Water

Before making a poker face the next time you are advised to have lemon water, think twice. There are some excellent health benefits of this simple combination, you may not be aware of. Doctors have described some major benefits of consuming lemon water daily.

Lemon Water

Aids In Digestion:

The acidic content of lemon water is in perfect sync with the acids in our stomach responsible for digestion. Thus having lemon water daily improves the digestive system greatly by promoting proper metabolism. By following this regime here are no chances of suffering from diseases related to the digestive.

Helps Fight Cold Viruses:

Say goodbye to cold if you religiously have lemon water daily. Lemon has vitamin C which fights against the viruses that cause an individual to catch a cold. Moreover, warm lemon water also helps in curing cold in case the virus has already attacked.

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Promotes Weight Loss

The first and foremost item in a diet chart to reduce weight is lemon water. This is because the acidic constituents of lemon water help prevent hunger cravings. Thus an individual will not consume those extra calories which will aid in weight loss.

Energy Booster

There is a reason why we were given a large glass of lemon water when as kids, we came back from the playground all sweaty and tired. This is because vitamin C in lemon water acts as an energy booster and thus if we begin the day with a glass of lemon water it will give us the required dash of energy.

Good For Skin

If you want healthy glowing skin, consume lemon water every day. This is especially effective for oily skin as it helps prevent blemishes and pimples.

Prevent Kidney Stones

Prevention is better than cure. Thus if your genetic history lists kidney stones, you must have lemon water every day as it is the best natural remedy to make sure that kidney stones don’t attack you.

Ensures Healthy Teeth

If lemon water is consumed post brushing teeth, its acidity will not erode the enamel. Instead, it will help fight existing toothache and gingivitis. This is again due to the vitamin C in lemon water which improves teeth health and also prevents bad breath.

So, from tomorrow add lemon water to your daily food regime and you will get to enjoy all the health benefits related to it.

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